Grand Cayman University

We offer Distance Education with a Difference.That difference is our instructors who have real World experience.

We Are Open 7 Days A Week

As an online educator we are available 24/7/365. You can take a course on almost any device. 


We offer free Training Books, Manuals, and Materials.

You are not required to purchase an expensive text book or additional materials for our programs.

Online Classes

Take your class on almost any device with internet access. If you have a video player installed, and can read PDF files you can study with us.


Real World Training

Too many institutions of higher learning have talented trainers, or professors that have no real World experience. All of our trainers have at least several years of experience in the fields they instruct.

No special hurdles in training

Our focus in on your success not our profits. You the student are what matters most.

With most of our certification programs we want you to get real World experience working on projects, or going through exercises that help you prepare for success in the field.

We help you master the skill, learn the concepts, and discover how to apply them. It is all part of the Distance Education with a Difference focus at GCU Online.


Results Focused Training


Career Development Training with any certification


Proven results for real World success!


Low cost training that has value.


If you take a certification program your certification comes with verification for employers.


Most classes are 100% online.

You will often learn hands on working on projects and exercises intended to give you the skill you need.

Visit the Courses page now to see some of the current classes we have available.